Intergrating your Telephone with NetSuite

An interesting product we recently discovered over here at ERP Guru is the Flexor CTI for NetSuite by Camrivox. This product integrates your VOIP telephony with your CRM – making the life of a sales rep. a lot easier! With this tool, you can track and log phone calls, and if the caller exists in your database, you can jump to their record with the click of a button.

Other interesting features of the Flexor CTI include:
  • Click to dial
  • On screen pop-up of calls
  • Log calls directly in the contact’s record
Our overall experience with the software was very positive. We opted to start with the 14-day trial, and in a matter of minutes, Flexor Manager was operational. The user interface is clutter-free and fairly simple to understand without having to read the user guides.

In our configuration, we tested the Flexor CTI software with a Polycom IP device. When an inbound or outbound call occurred all the matching records in the NetSuite were displayed.

If no matching results were found, we were able to create a contact on the fly. To do so, we selected and opened a contact (by double clicking on it), and then chose one of the options shown below:

As the last option shows, Flexor CTI can be configured to create journals automatically for outbound and inbound calls. This can be very useful when managing a sales team and monitoring if your team is generating enough calls to customers.

Out of the box most of the options selected will suit a majority of users. However, it is also possible to customize the software according to specific needs. For example it's possible to automatically open a contact window when an inbound/outbound call occurs or wait until the user clicks on the button provided for that purpose. Number patterns can be created and actions can be performed or not when these patterns occur (call divert, journaling options).

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