Cart Abandonment

How many times have you visited a webstore, added items to your cart, and then for any number of reasons (phone rings, baby cries, wife calls you for supper), you stop what you are doing an abandon your cart. This ever-common behavior is known as Cart Abandonment, and if you are an online vendor then you yourself know how often this phenomenon happens.

What if, as an online vendor, you were able to reach out to those customers who had abandoned their carts? What if those very same customers were able to provide you with valuable feedback and that would help reduce your cart abandonment?

Here at ERP Guru, we recently came across a tool created by the company Barilliance that empowers online stores with those abilities.

Basically the tool can be configured to send an email to customers after they have added products to their cart BUT not checked out. The email sent to these "customers" can be customized to either act as a reminder for them to go back into their account and checkout or you can configure the email to gather feedback and understand why those clients chose to abandon their cart.

Integration with NetSuite

The integration process of the Cart Abandonment tool with NetSuite is fairly simple. All you need is to register on the Barilliance website and add their script your website.

Adding the script is easy enough. If your role is that of STORE MANAGER, simply click on WEBSITE --> APPEARANCE --> THEMES. From that window click the EDIT link beside your website name and add the script to the ADDITION TO <HEAD> box.

You can access and customize your customer email via your Barilliance portal.

Simple as that!

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  1. Its a fact, many customers do abandon their shopping carts for one or other reason. But from this article I have understood some very good points that will help me in monitoring the problem areas. Thanks for providing this useful source of information.