NetSuite unveils SuiteFlow for version 2010.1

One of the most anticipated new features in NetSuite 2010.1 is SuiteFlow, a tool that allows users to customize a workflow without the use of script. As it uses a graphical interface and is quick to set-up, it can greatly simplify tasks and save users a lot of time.

The module was written and developed by NetSuite founder Evan Goldberg. In his own words, “SuiteFlow uses the same logic as scripting, but takes out the intimidating use of scripts”. Attendees at last week’s NetSuite Partner Conference (SuiteCloud2010) got a firsthand demonstration of the module with Evan in the driver’s seat.

Even though SuiteFlow is being released in beta, this module is a complete and ready to use tool. The only foreseen changes for version 2010.2 are the opening up of more actions.

What can SuiteFlow do for me?

Built as a finite-state machine, it facilitates both single step and multiple step processes. Each step of the process can be clearly defined within a workflow with ample conditions and actions that suit most needs.
Each individual workflow is linked to a specified record and can be triggered by a schedule, or the creation/modification of a record. Conditions can be set on the initial workflow trigger for every action within a state and on each transition between states which allows skipping or repeating steps when required. Additional fields can also be added on the workflow and state.

Current Actions Available in SuiteFlow
  • Locking a record to prevent editing for the duration of a specified state 
  • Subscribing to a record in order to access other records 
  • Initiating a workflow to act upon the same base record type
  • Opening of a page to a new or existing record of a specified type
  • Opening an html page 
  • Adding a button for workflow management
  • Returning a user error
  • Setting a field display label
  • Setting a field to mandatory (very useful for NetSuite fields which were otherwise not noticeably mandatory)
  • Setting a field display type in order to disable, inline or hide a field
  • Sending an email
  • Sending a campaign email 
  • Creating a record
  • Setting a field value
  • Running a script

With many more actions and conditions planned to appear in 2010.2 this new tool is sure to become increasingly indispensible and popular.

 Be sure to register for our FREE SuiteFlow webinar happening on Thursday, May 20 at 1:00 p.m. EST.


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