Personalizing NetSuite

One of the best things about NetSuite is its flexibility. While many users have set up a personal color scheme, added shortcuts and KPIs there are a few other options that are often neglected but could definitely enhance your NetSuite experience.

On the center tabs click HOME then SET PREFERENCES. On that screen you’ll find a couple of neat preferences you can set for yourself (I repeat, for yourself. These settings will only affect YOU, no other NetSuite user).
Look under the first tab, GENERAL, and check out the Defaults header on the right side. You’ll find a handful of options, but today we will concern ourselves with "Show Internal IDs", "Only Show Last Subaccount", "Only Show Last Subentity" and "Only Show Last Subitem".

The "Show Internal IDs" is useful if you plan on doing CSV updates, or if you want to start dabbling in SuiteScripts. Internal IDs are the unique record keys in NetSuite, which allow you to uniquely identify a record. It really only comes in useful when you're doing more advanced technical stuff like I mentioned, but if you are going down that road, this option is indispensable.

The next three – "Only Show Last Subaccount/Subentity/Subitem" options are useful if you have really long parent-child hierarchies on your records, and you only care about seeing the last level. For instance, if you have Customer A - SubCustomer B - Contact Bob, and all you want displayed on your transactions are "Contact Bob", tick the "Only Show Last Subentity" field. Again, this is really just a personal preference and keep in mind this may cause you to see records in a slightly differently than your colleagues.

One other really useful option that I personally always have on is under the REPORTING/SEARCH sub tab. On the right side, there is "Show List When Only One Result". If you don’t have this ticked, when you run a search that only brings up a single result, NetSuite will bring you to the record, rather than displaying the regular search result screen. By ticking this box, you'll ensure you always stay in the search results screen rather than being brought to the record found.

There are many other options, of course, under SET PREFERNCES, so don't be shy about scrolling over the field names to see the pop-up help screen. You might find a few easy tweaks you really like!

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