NetSuite Release 2010.1 Preview

I just finished viewing the Developer Preview Webinar where NetSuite unveiled their 2010.1 upgrade and wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

According to NetSuite’s release schedule, a very small percentage of customers will receive their upgrade in early March, the majority will be upgraded in mid-March, and everyone should be running 2010.1 by April 23.

Among the changes in the latest version, the webinar outlines three, with a Workflow Manager being the highlight. Basically, this brand new feature allows you to define your own custom workflow utilization for records.

For example, with Sales Orders you would have the ability to create specific conditions that need to be met before it can move onto the approval process. Perhaps phone calls need to be made, or even just ensuring that the right boxes have been checked.

NetSuite did reinforce that this new feature is a beta version. They expect it to stay like that until at least 2010.2, and are hoping for tons of feedback from users. Beta or not, NetSuite really nailed the layout and user-interface on the head with this feature!

NetSuite 2010.1 has also enhanced their SuiteBundler. When installing a bundle, there will now be a column for the status that will give you the download status and percent complete. Increased security has also been added. NetSuite customers can now create a Developer Role for someone installing their bundles as opposed to granting Full Access or Administrator rights.
Finally, enhancement were made to SuiteScripts. You will now be able to add scripts that dictate behavior in the shopping cart. For instance, if you are selling cameras 2 for 1, and the client only adds one camera to the cart, the second camera will automatically be added. Same goes for discounts, or restricted shipping access for certain addresses.

Speaking of SuiteScripts, remember that if you have had any modifications done by us, it is a recommended best practice to get them tested with 2010.1 beforehand. Contact us for more information on how we can create a test action plan for you.

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