Kit/Assembly Costing

A lot of people often ask how to display costing information derived from Members for their Kits or Assembly items.

Since a few versions ago, Netsuite exposed a join in Saved Searches that now allows you to build searches to get this information. In this post, I'm going to go through the steps to show you how to get this to work for simple cases.

First, you need to create an Item Saved Search as follows:
Type any of Assembly/Bill of Materials, Kit/Package

Member Item
Member Quantity
Member Item : Average Cost
Formula (Currency) with formla being {memberquantity}*{memberitem.averagecost}

At this point, you're going to have a search that outputs, for every one of your Kits/Assemblies, all of the member items and what those member items are worth for the parent, this worth basically being Member's Average Cost times the Quantity used in the Kit/Assembly.

Continuing on, you probably just want to see a single value for each Kit/Assembly. So in order to do this, you are going to add Summary Type values for the columns, as follows:

Name -> GROUP
Member Item
Member Quantity
Member Item : Average Cost
Formula (Currency) with formla being {memberquantity}*{memberitem.averagecost} -> SUM

If you run your search, you should now be seeing every Kit/Assembly as 1 line with a cost figure next to it. That's your costing derived from member items!

Continuing on to make this cuter, here's what you can do. In your search, go on the Available Filters tab and add "Internal ID" as a filter. Save the search and make sure to make it Public and also tick in the box "Available as Sublist View" in the search headers.

Next, go under Setup->Customization->Sublists. On the Item tab, select your Search, give it a Label, select a Tab, and tick in Kit/Package and Assembly/Bill of Material.

This will add a subtab on your Assembly and Kit items that will display the Cost. Very handy!

Now, if you use Units of Measure or if your Member items are kit or assemblies themselves, or you want the cost info to be in a field, the above will NOT work. For these more complex cases, you don't have a choice other than using Suitescript to calculate in a much more in-depth manner your costing. As luck would have it (-wink-) IT-Ration has a Add-On module that does just this! You can find this module on our Website here.

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