How to text-wrap transaction column fields on printouts

A recurring problem people have is, when printing a transaction, Netsuite will truncate long fields rather than text-wrap them on multiple lines.

Surprisingly, there's no way to tell Netsuite you want a certain field to text-wrap.

However, if you follow these little steps, you'll be able to create yourself a text-wrapping field to display any column you want.

Create a Custom Transaction Column field.
a. Type = Text Area
b. Store Value = uncheck
c. (optional) Display Type = Disabled
d. Default Value = to_char({fieldid}) where fieldid is the internal id of the field you want to text-wrap

Once you've created this field, you have a bit more work to do -

Customize any transaction form that you want to print
a. Add the field you just created to Printing Fields
b. For this to work, the original field MUST still be checked in Printing Fields... but you don't want it to appear, since you replaced it with your super-duper text wrapping field. So in the Width of the original field, type "0.0001"

Ta-da! Text wrapping. The only ugly part remaining is that on the user interface, users will see both fields. Unfortunately, there's no way to hide the field in the GUI in a way that won't stop it from correctly showing on printouts.

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