CSV Import Permissions

When importing records through CSV, regardless of whether you're adding new records or updating existing ones, NetSuite will use the preferred form of the currently logged in user by default. This is done for security reasons, so that users can't bypass their permissions.

The effects of this behavior might not be apparent at first, but the main consequence is that your permissions to edit certain fields will be based on that form. For example, if a field is displayed as Inline Text on your form and you try to update it through a CSV Import, the import will fail or the field simply won't be available in the Field Mapping page.

Thankfully, starting in version 2009.1, NetSuite has added functionality to allow you to choose which form will be used for the CSV Import. Note that when this blog entry was written, only Sales Orders supported choosing your form. Version 2009.2 supports all record types (at least those that support custom forms in the first place).

The feature mentioned above can be found during a CSV Import in the Advanced Options of Step 2 (Import Options):

If you have the Administrator role and you want a fully accessible form for CSV Imports without changing your Preferred form, this one's for you. Just create a new Custom form, make all fields available for editing and go nuts!

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